DaVinci Caramel Sauce (Half-Gallon)

DaVinci Caramel Sauce (Half-Gallon)DaVinci Caramel Sauce (Half-Gallon)
DaVinci Caramel Sauce (Half-Gallon)

Product Description

Product Name: DaVinci Caramel Sauce (Half-Gallon)
UPC Code: 737384062033
Brand: DaVinci
Product Type: Coffee Sauce
Flavor: Caramel
Size: Half-Gallon
Description: Use to flavor lattes, mochas, hot & iced coffees, teas, steamers, ciders, cocoas, sodas, smoothies, shakes, and cocktails. Ideal for home or coffee shop use.
Nutrition Facts: 0 g Trans Fat; 0 g Saturated

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