BUNN TDS-3.5, 3.5 GAL

BUNN TDS-3.5, 3.5 GALBUNN TDS-3.5, 3.5 GAL
BUNN TDS-3.5, 3.5 GAL
Cylinder Style Iced Tea/Coffee Dispensers

Product Description

Model # 33000.0008

Catalog Listing: TDS-35, 35 GAL
  • Dispensers available in 3, 3.5, 4, and 5 gallon (11.4, 13.2, 15.1 and 18.9 litres) capacities.
  • Sump dispense valve assures complete dispensing of tea.
  • TDS-3, TDS-3.5 and TDS-5 models have stainless lid.
  • TDO-4 and TDO-5 models have plastic lid and oval shape.
  • Faucet handles are labeled sweetened and unsweetened. Handles are mounted offset for closer side-by-side positioning.

Products are sometimes shown with optional equipment - material choices and/or finishes may affect pricing for items.
Does not include decanters, thermal servers, or airpots.