BUNN H5X-40-240, 212F (100C) 50/60H

BUNN H5X-40-240, 212F (100C) 50/60HBUNN H5X-40-240, 212F (100C) 50/60H
BUNN H5X-40-240, 212F (100C) 50/60H
5 Gallon Hot Water Machine

Product Description

Model # 12500.0026

Catalog Listing: H5X-40-240, 212F (100C) 50/60H
  • Dispenses up to 18 gallons (68.14 litres) of boiling water (H5X) per hour for food prep and cleaning.
  • Precise temperature (72°F-212°F) (22.2°C-100°C) ensures consistent, high quality results.
  • Locate hot water at preparation site to increase speed, safety and efficiency of kitchen staff.
  • Prepare large amounts of mashed potatoes, gravy, cheese sauce, gelatin, oatmeal, and many more foods.
  • International electrical configurations available.

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Does not include decanters, thermal servers, or airpots.